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Applying and Submitting Pictures - 3 Easy Steps!
If you are interested in modeling, please email me the following information:

1. Basic Info
Legal Name:
Age (You must be 18-35)
Build Type: (Muscular, Lean, Swimmer etc)
Nearest Major Airport:
Project Interests: Solo, Oral, Full Interactive
Have you done Adult work Before?
If so, What Studios? (Please be honests! It will ensure I don't submit you to the same production company!)

2. Email Photos
You should also include 4-5 VERY recent photos.

They should include:

    1. A couple clear face shots.
    2. Chest/torso shoots- with any tattoos that you may have.
    3. Full nude shots - both soft and hard. Please show your pubes.
    4. Any photos that will show tattoos or piercings that you may have in detail.

3. Detailed Questionaire
After you email your Basic Info and Sample Photos, I will likely email you a more detailed questionaire. We can also chat online or talk on the phone to answer any questions you may also have.

Contact Information
John Wolf
Skype: johnwolf7979
Cell: 619-500-3191
Location: Central Standard Time Zone

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Link With Questionaire: