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I Would Fuck That Girl for Free!
What guy hasn't said that? Unfortunately, most guys have said that very thing!

That is why it is so hard to get good pay to do straight scenes. The line is around the block for straight guys to do straight video. It is nearly impossible to break into that industy. I do work with straight companies, but if you are looking for real money, real quick, Solos. Oral, and "Gay for Pay" is the best way for Male Models to make money.

Yes, I know. It is not what you want to hear. But it is the truth.

So I encourage you to at least consider doing a solo, and then trying to expand your limits as you go along.

Apply Now!

Believe it or not, most male models doing Gay for Pay work are indeed straight. They often start off doing a solo, check out the studio, then realize that it is an acting gig, and has very little to do with their sexuality. They do a scene with another guy and realize that the other guy is straight too. There are very few gay models working in the industry these days.

I can try to find you straight work, but the pay is not good, hours are long, and the women can be challenging to work with. All for what amounts to less than 10 dollars an hour.

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Get Paid to Jerk-Off!
You are doing it for free now! May as well get paid to do it!

I find that models that masturbate at least once or more times a day, tend to do very well in the industry. They know their bodies and are familiar with making themselves ejaculate.

If you are a guy who tends to not masturbate or only wait for girls to get you off, then you will struggle. If you don't jerk-off often, and you want to be in the business, then consider this "homework". Practicing ejaculating in a variety of ways and also try going for a long time before cumming, or try cumming very fast are great techniques to learn. The girls in your life will appreciate it too!

What if I Can't Perform?
It does happen on rare occassions. Some studios will give you cancellation fee (Usually $100-200) if you really tried hard. Some studios will get you on location and find your look does not match your photos you submitted. So make sure your images are current. If your look is different than what you submitted, they may send you home. Be honest!

What Are They Looking For?
Production companies of course want handsome guys. You can be well-endowed, but not all guys have to be hung. Generally speaking, if your abs are showing pretty good, then you are very fit.

Studios tend to shy away from too many tattoos, tattoos in awkward places, piercings and plugs. This doesn't mean you should not include yourself, I just will have to find the right studio for you to work with.

But in general, the more natural your look, the wider your appeal will be to the audience. Guys who spend a lot of time on their bodies should take this opportunity for others to enjoy seeing their hard work.

You should be between 18-35 years old, great shape, and the hardest one for most guys is, to have their pubic hair INTACT.

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Grow Those Pubes!
The industry has changed, and guys that shave their pubes off, are often asked to grow them back. They want you to look like a dude or at the very least, an adult male. Even "too trimmed" pubes are a hard sell. So even if your girl back home doesn't like it, it is totally worth putting down the razor and getting your pube action going again. Other body hair can be maintained, but even chest hair is back in style.

Remember, your body is your product. You should work hard at trying to get it in the best shape possible!