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Travel Information
Most studios will pay for your air fare, hotel, and food while you are on location. Most will not pay for your gas or parking to get you to your own airport. As with any job, you are expected to get yourself to "work."

The studio will require your full legal name (middle name if you have one) as well as your Date of Birth to book your flight. TSA Security requires this information in order to book any and all air travel.

You must have at least one valid U.S. photo ID to not only travel, but to pose nude. This can be a current state ID, Driver's License, or Passport. You must bring it to fly and you must have it at the time of each shoot. The ID may not have expired, so make sure you check the experation date on your ID before committing to doing a video gig.

Major Cities Preferred!
If you live near a major airport, then it is much easier to book you and travel. If you live in a small town with only a small regional airport, it IS possible, but it does make booking you a bit more challenging, and you should be prepared for a full-day of air travel.

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